FLCC (Fun Learning & Child Care) is a ONE stop solution for parents who is looking for After School Program or activities for their children.

We provide after school activities for kids in the age group 5-12 years to help both parents and kids. Seeing difficulties for parents who live in Jakarta to arrange various activities or enrichment classes for their kids, including helping kids with homework or exams. Usually they will have several after school activities which located in different places. And for working parents, they also have limited time to help the children with homework or exams.

We also see that kids in this digital era is more into gadget and technology, which is good since they will have high Intelligence Quotient. But we believe that kids with good IQ will be better if they also have good EQ.


Joining our enrichment classes, together with your support as parents, will help children, not only for their intellectual part, but also for their social, emotional and soft skills. (i.e. Public Speaking, Board Games, Cooking, Interactive Math, Coding, Around The World, and many more).


Thus, Our Vision is:

“To be a leading learning center that able to help children to reach their full potential both academic and personal skills”


To achieve our vision, here are Our Mission:

  • To assist and support every child academic journey following his/her school’s curriculum

  • To provide interactive and fun learning environment for children to stimulate children learning curiosity

  • To support and help children see and grow their best personal and social skills in fun ways

In The





Week 1: Helpful Kidz

Week 2: Sharing is Caring

Week 3: 5 Days Art

Week 4: Digikidz

Week 5: Helpful Kidz


10 June-12 Juli 2019 

09.00 - 12.00 pm


Art & Craft Club

Zumba Club 


Taekwondo Club

KidsLit CLUB



Child Safety

At FLCC, safety is our first priority. Being fully aware of the importance and responsibility associated with children, we absolutely do the proper training of our professional staff and observe the strict rules for safety and supervision.

FLCC is monitored with CCTV in each classes. We also provide App for parents to have secure drop-off and pick-up.

​Our Staff

Our experienced teachers varies coming from both National School and International School background. They will also be assigned for training to keep up with the latest trend in education and able to deliver our mission

Give us a call:

021 2854 2735


0819 0546 3026 (WA ONLY)

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