Welcome Note

Children are curious by nature. They have desire to explore, to get to know more, about their surrounding. Here in FLCC Montessori, our experienced teachers acknowledge the trait and realize, as part of duties and responsibilities, nurture the children passion and curiosity for learning.

We provide, assist and help the children to get the safe and fun learning environment through purposeful play program we design specifically for the children at their earliest age of life. Having said that, FLCC Montessori-inspired curriculum is carefully designed to fit the needs.

We strongly believe, we could  shape children’s future full of opportunities also with the alternative types of education, giving them positive impact throughout the learning program here at FLCC Montessori.  

I personally welcome you to our place and please contact us for more detailed information you might needed. Let us help you and let us begin the journey for you and your children together.



Jessica Lavinia


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